Is it possible to increase my followers quickly? How can I get real followers for free? What are the secrets of Instagram?  how to make cash from Instagram?

Read on to learn the answer!

1-what is ig accounts

Instagram is one of the best social network media, which has gained popularity in recent years and 1 billion people use Instagram every month and more than 500 million of them use the platform every day. That's what makes us think about how we can take advantage of Instagram and how we can use this platform to make money

If you use this method you will get between 10k to 20k followers in the first month

Screenshot of my new account, as you see I get more than 7k followers in one week. Was our domain

So, Let's start how we can increase our followers on Instagram

2- Things you must do it before starting increasing your followers?

These tips make your account appear more professional, and it helps you a lot to grow your Instagram quickly
  • Create a username that is easy and anyone can remember it and your username.
  • Create a good bio.
  • Post more than 15 posts in your account.
  • Post new content every day
  • Switch Your Account to Instagram for Business
Switch Your Account to Instagram for Business give us the possibility to see the analytics of each post

For example:

If you publish your own content, step 3 will not help you well. You can go to the next paragraph or continue reading.

3-How to choose good content for your account on Instagram. 

To increase your followers on your IG account, you must have a good content of course. But the question is how can I choose good content for my Instagram.

Simply put, you should search the Instagram pages that have the same content of your IG and the number of followers of those pages between 100k and 200k

And took a content that got a large number of likes and which you believe has not been published by many pages because simply Instagram doesn't like content that has been published a lot.

This reduces our opportunity to appear on Explore (Explore is the best place where you can get followers)

The next step is very important because it is the biggest source of the interaction for your IG account

4-How you can find popular hashtags for your IG content  

Increase your followers and grow your IG account Depends on this step, so I'll let you know how to find good hashtags for your Insta content step by step

The first step you should take one hashtag of your niche and the number of publications on them doesn't exceed 300k. Because we are actually looking for a page it has the number of followers doesn't exceed 5k and these pages often appear in Hashtag number published on it less than I mentioned before

For example:

Then browse all the publications well, and look for publications that have more than a 1k likes, but the number of followers of the page is less than 5k followers

This way you can find the appropriate Hashtag for your Insta content, your posts may not appear on Hashtag since the first day but remember something "The secret of success is continuity and passion"

5- How to get real followers (without buy Instagram followers)

This is really a very difficult step but will help you get real followers and appear on Explore and Hashtags.
Follow unfollow method Even this method isn't used randomly, the correct way is:

You must find 10 accounts with the same niche and the number of followers between 60 thousand and 150 thousand. In each account, you should do 50 follow to followers of each these pages so in total is 500 following
I have selected the following 50 per page. Because of this, the 50 followings are peoples the most active people at the time, making people follow back well (Arrange followers on each page from newest to oldest). In one day you should do between "1k to 1.2k" following to others by the method I mentioned before.

Important notes :
  • Don't keep follow of others quickly (you will be blocked by Instagram)
  • unfollow after 8 hours of follow-up (slowly)
  • If you've got more than 500 likes on your posts, stop using "follow, unfollow" method
  • Be patient

6how to make money on Instagram?

Is it really we can make money on Instagram?
yes! We can earn money from Instagram with many ways
Click here to know how I make 7k dollars every month from Instagram just by sponsored posts
You can read also this article about 8 Creative Ways To Earn Money On Instagram

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